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have you ever been told you can't make money in horses? I'm here to tell can.

have you ever been told you can't make money in horses? I'm here to tell can.

have you ever been told you can't make money in horses? I'm here to tell can.

have you ever been told you can't make money in horses? I'm here to tell can.

Does This Sound Familiar?

limiting beliefs we tell ourselves as equestrian entrepreneurs:

"Broken bodies and being broke is normal."

"I am in this for the horses, not the money."

" Horses and money don't go together."

equestrian bookkeeper : //

a horse girl that supports your business while you spend more time in the barn. 

If you answered "YES" to any of these, you're in the right place.

As young equestrians we were often told we couldn't make money in horses as if it were a bedtime story. I've come to recognize that the story is just a cover-up. That story allows most humans to stay in the comfort zone of societal norms, where passion doesn't pay and most dread their jobs.

We can make money in horses but we must learn how to manage it. That's where I come in...

A fellow horse girl here to tell you that you can choose both passion and profit

Hey, I'm Christa

work with me

Equestrian Entrepreneurs can


make money.

manage their money.

run a profitable business.

How We Can Work Together

I offer bookkeeping services and business support in the form of Education, Mentorship, and "Done For You" Services. 

In an industry where profit is often a myth, I guide equestrian entrepreneurs to prioritize their financial information to generate profit in a business that fuels their passion.

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Education & Mentorship

If you are an equestrian entrepreneur who likes to DIY all aspects of their business but needs professional guidance when it comes to bookkeeping and growing a sustainable business, this is the course for you!

Done For You Services

My hands-on services are perfect for the operator who needs to hand over their bookkeeping to a professional so they can spend more time working in their business rather than on their business.

Wondering if you have any red flags in your bookkeeping? My free guide reviews the most common bookkeeping mistakes you might be making and how to solve them. Get your business on track for profitability, today.

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"Christa is extremely passionate about what she does and it comes through in her dedication to her clients

I really appreciate the time she puts in to educate her clients and to ensure they understand. She’s never hesitated to answer a question and has been a great support to me in launching my small business full time!"

Des Sieben, Owner of Mane

"Christa is a delight to work with.

It has been a relief to have a business-oriented mind who understands the horse industry organizing my books so that I can focus on the practical aspects of my job. In addition, she always shows up with a positive can-do attitude!"

Dr. Stephanie Crawford, Owner of On Course Chiropractic

"Christa has made my first year in business so much more then I could have ever imagined!

What started out as a small side hustle idea she helped me scale into a full-blown company and a profitable one at that! From weekly to monthly meetings covid restrictions or not Christa is always there to answer any questions. She has encouraged me in my times of doubt and taught me to keep an eye on my bottom line. She truly has been the support system I’ve needed in my life and business this past year."

Ashley Bielby, Owner of Bravado Equine Therapies

"Christa is incredibly passionate about supporting equestrian entrepreneurs!

She is very knowledgeable and supportive, and has helped my business immensely! I have such peace of mind knowing that my books are well organized and up to date thanks to her. If you’re an equestrian-based business, you need this woman in your life!

Dr. Kendle Dykstra, Owner of Unity Chiropractic Inc.

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